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For Fun in Marriage Don’t Make Decisions


Tip 266

It’s the Luck of the Draw

On separate slips of paper write all the things you can think of doing in your area. Pour through the yellow pages or the monthly advertising material to find places you might not be aware of.

The main rule is: You both have to agree to agree.

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Put all these slips of paper into something to draw out of later. To find out what you are going to do for a weekend evening or a whole weekend, draw one or more slips of paper out.

On these slips of paper is where you are going, what you will participate in, where you will eat at, or whatever the slip says. It may be wine tasting at a local vineyard, roller skating, eat at a Tai Restaurant, browse through a block of antique stores, go to the local old time car show, take a parasail ride, get a massage. . . .

If you are like many couples and want to do different things but always back out or make excuses, this is a great way to expand out of your normal routine. Pick one slip. Pick several slips if you are wanting to spend a whole day or weekend. The rules are though, what you pull out, you have to do—you can’t back out—unless something is a financial obligation that you can’t do or the weather just won’t work—you can’t water ski in winter in most places. You get the idea.

What do you think? What local places in your area would you like to try but haven’t bothered yet?

~ Glenda (gj)

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