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Fun in Teasing


Tip 263

Be Sensitive

Teasing can add a lot of fun in marriage, but the marriage must already be a really good marriage before teasing can be added.

Many people do not know how to tease. Teasing should never mock, bully, malign, or hurt your partner’s feelings in the slightest way. If a couple is angry with one another, teasing has no place. Teasing should never be done if either partner is in a bad mood–if you normally can tease each other but one of you is in a temporary bad mood, do not try teasing to get your mate out of a bad mood.

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Teasing each other, whether verbally or physically, is only appropriate when it’s acceptable to each partner, and when each is at the height of good terms with each other.

Learning how to tease in a romantic or sensual way can be fun, but it takes a lot of care to know how not to hurt your partner’s feelings in any way. If there’s any question about fearing you may hurt your spouse’s feelings, then don’t say what you are thinking. Words last an eternity and are hard to forget, so better not to say them than live with a lifetime of regret.

If you can tease back and forth in a joking way and it brings laughter between you, then learning the art of teasing between spouses can add a lot of fun in marriage at the appropriate time.

Spouses should get so comfortable with each other that each brings joy and fun to the other person. However, in today’s world with bullying being so rampant, people have to know that teasing within marriage is as much a learned art as anything else.

Something to think about, too, is to be careful about ever teasing in writing. Words in writing can easily be misconstrued, so it’s best not tease in writing.

What do you think? Do you think teasing back and forth in a marriage is all right or do you think it treads into dangerous areas?

~ Glenda (gj)

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