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We Never Talk


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Quality Conversation for Fun in Marriage

To have fun in marriage also means to be able to communicate well. Both spouses need to feel that they communicate well.

Yet, you’ll often hear one spouse say, “We never talk” and the other spouse says, “We talk all the time.”

This is more common than not in marriages.

Usually the person who is saying “we never talk” means that we never talk about emotions or feelings or things from the heart.

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If you hear this in your marriage, start making note of several things that happen to you throughout your day and the emotions you have when those things happen.

Doing this provides a person with more awareness of how he or she feels in various settings. By sharing with your spouse the feelings from these specific situations, it brings out the ability to share more openly feelings about other areas in the marriage. Did you get ticked off? Did you want to get out of your car and beat up the driver who cut you off? Did you feel all warm and fuzzy when you saw the little girl prodding her dog down the sidewalk, but the dog didn’t want to be out in the snow? Did you feel wistful when you saw the elderly couple walking hand in hand in the park?

If your spouse says you never talk, but you know you discussed your work day, the ball game, the traffic on the way to work, what the kids did during the day, then your spouse is more than likely wanting to know your feelings about these various happenings and not just a list of superficial details of what happened.

If you hear, “we never talk,” start listening to hear what it is that you do talk about.

What do you think? Do you have ideas for having better communication between couples?

~ Glenda (gj)

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