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Valentines Day—Ba Humbug


Tip 259

Only One Day to Focus on Love

It’s exactly one month until the most celebrated Love Day of the year. What about starting now, and you’ll have a 32 day head start on Valentine’s Day?

That’s why I’ve always said Ba Humbug to Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think love should be celebrated with gusto 365 days a year? If you want a day off from being loving, then take it on February 29.

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To focus on love only one day makes it seem so artificial. But, before I get rotten tomatoes in the mail, my house egged, and really bad things said about me all over the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, if you need a special occasion to get the whole rest of the year started with love and fun, then by all means, start on February 14.

Because Valentines Day is so predictable, and I think Unpredictability should be the mainstay in life, if you want to create a very special surprise, plan something very romantic and unpredictable the day before Valentines Day.

For a few ideas to include for fun in your marriage for each day before Valentine’s Day, check out some of the past tips on this blog. Here’s 32 past tips you can check out for some really quick ideas:

  1. Plan Spontaneous Things for Your Spouse
  2. Leave Little Love Notes
  3. Plan Ahead for Weekends
  4. Create Cozy Atmospheres
  5. Late Breaking News
  6. Notes in the Mail
  7. Hiding Gifts
  8. Create a Photo Album of Before We Met
  9. Serve Your Spouse
  10. Name a Star
  11. What’s in a Name
  12. Your Special Song
  13. Romantic Movies
  14. Smooching 101
  15. Bumper Stickers
  16. Shop at Expensive Stores
  17. Remember the Good Times
  18. Put Your Picture in the Post Office
  19. Dates Like before the Wedding
  20. Say I’d Do It All Over Again
  21. Everyday Life Assignment
  22. Eye Contact Is Crucial
  23. Trade Weekend Activities
  24. Earn Mondy with Negativity
  25. After Shower Luxury
  26. Moonlit Walks
  27. Find a Park Bench
  28. Write a Story Together
  29. Give Compliments
  30. Sweet Sayings for Notes
  31. Those Hot Showers on Cold Days
  32. Earn a Trophy

Marriage is fun. Make yours as fun and loving as possible–365 days a year!

What do you think? What are your tips to show more love in a marriage?

~ Glenda (gj)

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