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Don’t Correct Your Spouse


Tip 253

The Details Aren’t Important

If people who know me heard me saying “the details aren’t important,” they’d swear I’ve gone daft. I’m one of the most detailed, “is it a fact,” type person you can find. I’m all too aware of how horrible it can be when you constantly correct other people—my own mother always corrected everything I said, and I became a person who corrected others.

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Details are important. Facts are important. However, everything in life doesn’t require such exactness.  

Embellishment of the truth, exaggeration of the truth, or just stating the fact in error feels to me as irritating as fingernails scraping down a chalkboard does to most people. By the way, the chalkboard thing doesn’t bother me at all.

We often fall into a pattern of correcting the people we’re around the most whether that’s our spouses or our kids. Honestly for most things in life, if someone is slightly off in telling the details to something, so what? If it’s something that really must be told in exactness, such as directions for reaching a destination or measurements for a recipe, then correct by all means.

For 99% of the time if someone tells a story a little askew or someone is slightly off in something that isn’t going to make any difference in an outcome, keep quiet. I know that’s hard and will require Olympic style training for anyone who’s like me, but you can change. If I could change, then you can, too.

When spouses always worry about being corrected, it inhibits the exchange of fun between you as a couple. Fun is much more desirable in a marriage than insisting you are right all the time.

Good luck!

~ Glenda (gj)

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