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Pick Your Battles


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Does It Really Matter?

One of the biggest hurdles to fun in marriage is habitual nitpicking. How can you have fun if your spouse is a huge irritation? Pick your battles instead of picking on your spouse!

Most things don’t deserve the time and effort you devote to them. Parents will hear, “Pick your battles.” It’s the same for spouses.

Have you ever met people who know they are right on everything, have the best solution for all problems, and their way of doing something is the only way? Uh, that’s not going to create the most loving relationships. It’s not easy, but if that describes one of you, you’ll certainly need to work on that.

A boon in marriage is to learn about the Personalities–your own and your spouse’s. Some Personalities naturally lean to more faultfinding while others are much more mellow. (These two Personalitites often marry each other.) When you understand how your personalities intertwine, it’s easier to temper the faultfinding.

Give your spouse freedom of choice, freedom of decision, freedom of thought. To insist on being right all the time means your marriage is not going to be a fun marriage.

The next time your spouse frustrates you, ask yourself “A year from now, is this even going to matter?”

Think about it. Your blood pressure will thank you, and your stress levels will be pacified.

When you quit looking at your spouse as a negative, you’ll add fun into your marriage. That’s how marriages are supposed to be, fun.

How do you decide which things are worth getting frustrated about and which you should just ignore? You can tell us by clicking on the comment button below.
~ Glenda (gj)

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