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Are You in a Rut?

It’s easy to be in a rut. Ruts are safe. Ruts in marriage are often like smooth interstate highways which roll along speeding from one location to another with little scenery to look at. You get to your destination faster, but what a boring trip.

Things worth having in life usually require a steep learning curve or a building of habits not easily accomplished. It’s change. You can’t keep following the same old rut and accomplish new feats.

The same is true for having fun in marriage. Most people don’t want to work at having fun in marriage. They want it to fall in place with no effort.

If fun in marriage requires no effort, then it’s probably not worth having.

Embrace the learning curve, the changing of habits, the uncomfortableness of doing things differently to learn to create fun in marriage. Just like everything else in life, the more you work at it, the easier it becomes.

How do you accept change in your life? If one of you accepts change more easily than the other, how do you handle it? You can tell us by clicking on the comment button.

~ Glenda (gj)

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