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No More Junk in Your Bedroom


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Tip 248

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Your bedroom should be a retreat and sanctuary—even a romantic sanctuary—at least a calming place in which you love to hang out in.

To have fun in marriage, how can you feel refreshed and uplifted (or romantic) if every time you go into your bedroom, there’s that treadmill staring at you demanding to know why you haven’t been on it lately–or your pile of bills strewn on a desk politely requesting your time, attention, and focus.

Even having piles of dirty laundry beg attention and distract you from any positive feelings because your mind is dredged with all the stuff you should be doing but don’t want to do. Actually, having piles of clean laundry that need to be put away is just as stifling as dirty laundry is.

Decide from now on that your bedroom is a bedroom for only sleeping and whatever other activities you choose to do which make a marriage closer—and that’s not folding laundry on the bed, either.

What does your bedroom look like? Is it a wonderful retreat or like something that needs to be fumigated? If you are brave enough to tell us, you can click the comment rss feed button below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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