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Tip 246

Don’t Hide Your Goals

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Make festive reminder notes to post all over your refrigerator or bathroom mirrors of the fun in marriage goals you’re going to learn for each month this year.

On the other hand, so you won’t get overwhelmed, you might want to just post one month’s goal(s) at a time—until you have those new traits firmly rooted.

On the first day of the next month, replace these festive reminders with the goals you are working on for that month. Work your way through all 12 months.

-Make a game of incorporating your ideas.

–Check off on the calendar each day you were a success.

-Make congratulatory notes to yourselves and post.

-Put colorful stars on your reminder notes for each time you were successful in your new goals.

-Text each other with congratulatory notes of each partner’s success.

Whatever you do to achieve these newly acquired traits, make it fun. Make it enjoyable.

Don’t forget to say I Love You even more this year than last year.

Do you have a goal to have more fun and zest in marriage? Everyday actions are as important as huge events. What everyday things do you do to make your marriage fun?

~ Glenda (gj)

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