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New Year’s Eve Costume Party


Tip 244

Getting Back to the Neanderthal Roots

Do you have a New Year’s Eve costume party to go to? 

from Clipart.com

Try going as cave people. You can purchase caveman costumes from online costume shops or make your own with draping and pinning inexpensive animal print fabric from a discount store. Here’s a couple of places to purchase costumes: 

Costume Party 

Party Props 

However, the really wild fun can be when you wear these costumes at home some evening for your own private caveman/cavewoman party. No proper dialog allowed the whole evening. After all, current language wasn’t created until many generations later (or if you go along with scientists’ theories, proper language wasn’t created for a few million years later). 

No video games. No TV. No movies. No books. Just an evening spent in however cave people might have spent the evening—but take the animal hunt out of the party theme. 

If cave people costumes are a little too over the top for you, try having a caveman evening in modern clothes–no dialog for the whole evening, though. Cave people probably just relayed their messages through grunts and groans and actions. 

Hey, lighten up. It’s OK to be weird in marriage! Have fun with your ideas. 

What wild things do you occasionally do—that can be printed for a G-rated audience? Adventurous people can tell us below with the comment button. 

~ Glenda (gj)

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