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Schedule a Series of Events


Tip 243

Season Tickets

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For something fun to look forward to in your marriage, buy season tickets for something you’d like to attend. It’s a great opportunity to have scheduled outings already paid for and posted on your calendar.

Thinking about your pre-made plans is also a small stress reliever from daily humdrum.

Too expensive? Season tickets for events within your driving proximity are often cheaper than you think. Many areas have discounts for local residents. Las Vegas has discounts for locals as does Disneyland for people in that area. Maybe your area doesn’t have such magnanimous events, but look around for what is offered. Places like museums and zoos often offer discounts to local residents.

Planning something long-term provides stimulating enjoyment and plenty to talk about. 

Still can’t afford the tickets? Set an envelope aside and label it “tickets.” Put a little money aside until you can buy the tickets.

Think it’s not a priority in your marriage? Your marriage needs more than house cleaning, work, and daily activities. Your marriage is worth it.

What types of fun things do you plan way in advance? Tell us in the comment section—you’ll be helping others with your thoughts.

~ Glenda (gj)

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“Schedule a Series of Events”

  1. Avatar December 29th, 2010 at 7:45 pm Lisa Norman Says:

    We get season tickets to the local junior league hockey team with another couple Absolutely fabulous series of events that remind us to spend time together. I love those nights.

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