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Valet Service


Tip 240

Yes, My Dear, Whatever You Want

When you know your spouse has nothing on his or her agenda that must get done, unexpectedly treat your mate with complete valet or maid service: set out the slippers and robe; bring the TV remote or favorite book; provide a comfy throw in which to curl up; serve a tasty treat of particular liking by your spouse; provide a back rub, pour a bubble bath, etc.

Treat your marriage mate as king or queen of the evening.

Of course, it’s delightful fun for the person being waited on, but you can create all sorts of fun when you are the one who is providing the valet or maid serivce. Just be creative.

from Clipart.com

What would you do for your spouse if you treated him or her to valet/maid service? If you were treated as king or queen for an evening, what would you like?

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~ Glenda (gj)

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