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The Christmas Story


Tip 238

Take Time to Read the Christmas Story

Sit back, pour yourself some cider, have one (or two) of those sugar cookies, and relax as you read the first Christmas story in Luke 2:1-20 in the Bible about the first Christmas ever–the real story.

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If you’d like, read other heartwarming Christmas stories such as Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Story, about Tiny Tim and Ebenezer Scrooge or O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi.

Don’t have a copy of these stories? Click on the links above to print out copies. You can also hear the Luke Bible story read on your computer—just click the “play” button on that link.

Why read or listen when you can watch movies of Christmas stories–even biblical stories? Watching movies has your attention towards the movie instead of each other. Reading and listening are more interactive and you can also focus on your hubby or wife.

What are your favorite Christmas stories to read or watch on TV? Tell us with the comment rss feed button below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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