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The Stockings Were Hung


Tip 236

Fill the Stockings with Gifts

A fun but sometimes neglected tradition in marriage (unless there are kids in the house) is to have stockings for each of you—whether it’s cute Christmas stockings or a pair of men’s black socks pinned to the back of a chair. 

from Clipart.com

Fill the socks to the brim for each other with gifts—but not just any kind of gift. The gifts have to have a very low monetary limit. Each gift can not cost more than the limit you agreed upon–$5.00, $7.00, $10.00, or less—you set the very low limit in advance. 

If you are both creative and have time, you can say that the gifts have to be homemade. The point is, the cost must be very small per item. 

That’s part of the enjoyment is to see how creative and fun you can come up with gifts which cost very little but are items your spouse would really like. 

It feels like being two kids rifling through Christmas stockings. 

If you and your mate have Christmas stockings, what type gifts are in the stockings, or do you get a lump of coal? Be adventuresome and leave your thoughts by clicking the Comment RSS button below. 

~ Glenda (gj)

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