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Pay It Forward


Tip 234

You’ll Find It

For this idea I’m borrowing the title from the movie, Pay It Forward, with Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt.

Do you ever unexpectedly see people in distress whom you feel it’s meant for you to help–even seemingly simple distress? If you look and pray to find people like this, you’ll find them.

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Helping fulfill a need for someone (even when done anonymously) brings back immeasurable joy to you.

It may not seem like it at first thought but helping those in need adds to the fun you feel in your own marriage.

Having fun in marriage is not only about frolicking with abandon. It’s about sharing a heartfelt joy with one another. Relaying to each other how you helped someone or if you helped someone as a couple, embeds a gratification in your hearts.

What unusual ways do you find to help people in need? You can share your thoughts by clicking the comment button below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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