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You Have a Choice


Tip 232

It’s Up to You to Decide

If you live in the United States, you have freedom of choice for most anything you want to do. The freedoms are virtually unlimited—that includes deciding which Christmas and holiday parties/gatherings you attend.

This may come as a shock, but you do not have to attend every one for which you are obligated–I mean invited–to attend.

Several years ago we counted how many extra things to get done between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. It was 54 extra things (I repeat, that’s “extra” things) to work into our schedule in approximately 4 weeks, plus there were 10 parties as well as the kids’ parties.

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That’s the year we decided we have freedom of choice. We would choose instead of feeling obligated to do everything and go to every holiday party and event.

That year our name switched from Schoonmaker to Scrooge, because people rarely understand if you say no to a festive invitation.

If you decide to be selective in what you attend during the Christmas season, you’ll be cast as a relative in the Scrooge family. Though the moniker isn’t pleasant, we relish the extra time we have to celebrate who and what we should be celebrating. Plus, we make time for our own relationship with each other and with our family. Having switched our focus to choices instead of obligations helps us decide the activities with which we should help.

If you find you have too many activities during the month of December, how do you handle the extra demands?

~ Glenda (gj)

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