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Nagging Spouses


Tip 228

How Unfair to Be in a Nagging Marriage

Does your spouse nag you?

You probably fit into the first group.

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Group One-Here are synonyms that might describe your actions or at least describe how you feel:

  • henpecked
  • inferior
  • worthless
  • mindless
  • shiftless
  • thoughtless
  • berated
  • bullied
  • stymied
  • pestered
  • tormented
  • irritated
  • intimidated
  • picked-on
  • peeved
  • agitated

Do you nag your spouse?

You probably fit into the second group.

from Clipart.com

Group Two-Here are synonyms that might describe your actions or how you are viewed:

  • complainer
  • faultfinder
  • blamer
  • nit-picker
  • biddy
  • backseat driver
  • bellyacher
  • scolder
  • she-devil
  • vilifier
  • hypercritic
  • aggressive
  • old bat
  • hag
  • domineering
  • nagger
  • fishwife
  • vixen
  • shrew
  • witch
  • battleaxe

If any of this is in your marriage (even if the nagging is warranted such as for health reasons or finances), you need to evaluate what you are doing. Nagging hasn’t changed anything yet has it–except to make everyone feel bad.

Sit down. Talk about the situations—not when you are angry. Come up with action steps to eliminate both groups from your marriage. It will take willingness from both parties in the marriage.

Get rid of the nagging. Period. 

Get rid of the reasons there is nagging.

Switch your focus to the positive. Life is too short and no one is perfect.

Do you want to focus on everything in your marriage and in your spouse that’s wrong?

Do you want to focus on what’s right which will in turn bring more joy and fun in your marriage?

Has nagging ever been a problem in your marriage? How do you handle it? You can leave a comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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