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Life Is Difficult


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Tip 227

Marriage Is Difficult

If you want to have more fun in marriage, who wants to hear about marriage being difficult?

That’s precisely what people need to hear to be able to capture the joyous times and create the fun times in everyday life.

Somehow society has gotten the impression that if they live right, live morally, even live a Christ-like life, that they will never have problems. That’s as opposite from the truth as you can get.

Life is full of problems. Marriage is full of problems. It’s how you meet those problems in life and marriage that prove how you will come through the trials. Will they crush you or give you memories to learn from and help others?

So, accept that you are not the only one with problems. Everyone has problems. Everyone! Some people simply talk and talk and talk about them, but everyone has problems. Focus on the problems and they’ll multiply.

Focus on how to get through the problems and you’ll survive, thrive, and have the fun you are seeking.

~ Glenda (gj)

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