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Let the Family Do the Wrapping


Tip 224

Everyone Is an Elf

There’s no reason one person in the marriage has to be stuck in a room all by himself or herself wrapping packages. Your spouse can be an elf and the kids can be elves.

from Clipart.com

Put gift items in plain boxes (and tape shut) so that anyone can wrap a present because no one knows which presents go to whom (except you). You can put a number on the box and keep a list hidden with those numbers so that gift tags are put on later.

It makes it more fun and festive to make a “party” of the gift wrapping. This way everyone can share the fun together.

However, your kids will hate you if you don’t get those tags put on quickly enough—and your spouse might, too, if your spouse is a snooper under the tree.

~ Glenda (gj)

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