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True Passion


Tip 222

It’s Inside the Covers that Spark an Interest

If you liked the idea of doing the magazine cover mentioned on December 7, 2010, then think about doing a whole magazine. What? A whole magazine?

Sure. It doesn’t actually have to be longer than two or three pages. It’s not really a magazine you’re trying to get published somewhere. It’s just for fun!

from Clipart.com

Think about it. If your marriage partner has a true passion for something, you might focus the magazine on fun stuff like that. You can use that image from the post on Tip 221, but create all new wording for the “magazine cover” to correspond with the focus you want for your magazine.

On the inside, write silly articles featuring your mate in his or her true passion: the all time NASCAR winner or the Wimbledon Tennis Champ for 2025, the most celebrated chef on TV, or an Emmy Award Winning TV actor. You can do anything and everything with poems, funny jokes, made-up stories, a text box of statistics for winning scores, award-winning cakes, productions your mate has suppossedly starred in–the possibilities are limitless.

A couple of years ago a friend was moving from our town.  She’d always talked about wanting to own a bakery, so to help encourage her, I created a whole fictitious brochure with a name for her bakery, pictures of cakes and such, and items people could chose to buy of her delectable pastries.

You can do the same type thing for the “magazine” you create. It would be a pleasant surprise as a Christmas or birthday gift or a “just because I love you” surprise.

Wouldn’t you like to do a “magazine” for your spouse? How can you suggest to make it the most fun? You can tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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