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Have Fun Buying Gifts


Tip 220

Kids Are the Most Fun

It’s not about just any kids. It’s about giving to those kids who won’t be getting anything. 

Whether you and your marriage partner have children to buy for or not, seriously consider buying for children who are in need. There’s something special and so joyous about knowing you are a part of helping people who aren’t able to provide in the way they wish they could. 

And fun? There’s hardly anything more fun than combing the toy aisles or kids’ clothing sections and picking out what you think will be the perfect things.

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Where do you find kids who are in need?

– Programs like Toys for Tots in your area has many local listings of children in need.

– Look up Social Service Agencies in the local phone book.

– Churches often have groups for which they help. Some churches have missionary activities for which they take up collections to help children. 

– You can also think about children in the hospital who can’t be home during Christmas. Sometimes hospitals get an influx of gifts to give children, and sometimes they get nothing. 

-If you don’t live near a hospital with large pediatric units, and you want to give in this way, look up hospitals you’re interested in on the Internet to see what they accept/request, or phone for guidelines. 

If you’d like to donate online to pediatric units, here’s a few to check out so that you can see what various hospitals require: Children’s National Medical Center in the Washington, DC area, Denver Children’s Hospital, U. C. Davis Children’s Hospital in California

Don’t neglect giving to children in need because you say you don’t know any. If you look, you’ll find them. You’ll be helping make some child happy, and you’ll have a blast of fun in doing it. 

~ Glenda (gj)
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