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‘Tis the Season for Giving


Tip 219

Look to Other People’s Needs

When marriage partners look outward to help others, somehow the husband and wife usually benefit more than those being helped. Maybe it’s because we are to look to the needs of others and not just our own, that helping others makes us feel so good.

If you and your spouse have never gotten involved with helping others, then decide this year to get involved. You’ll feel rewarded, have fun as a couple, and have fun helping others who need your help. You’ll bring lots of smiles to everyone.

You say, “But, we are the ones in need!” That may very well be true, but no matter how much help you need, you can always find some way to help others. If you are the ones in dire need this year, it’s probably more important than ever for you to focus on helping others.

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There are countless ways to help others which don’t require money—if you feel money is something you can not spare this season. Think about these suggestions:

-babysit someone’s children so the parents can go out for an evening or to Christmas shop

-clean someone’s home who has been sick lately and can’t take care of things

-clean someone’s home who’s had a new baby or has several young children

-help someone make cookies or treats in that person’s home

-address Christmas cards for someone who is elderly

-write out a Christmas letter for someone (the person tells you what to write), print it off and help stuff the letters into Christmas cards

-help decorate someone’s home who can’t do it for himself/herself now

-help put away those Christmas decorations for someone after the holidays

-run errands for someone who can’t get out

-just visit people who are shut-in to make sure they are OK in the winter cold (and to check to see if they have heat)

-wrap Christmas presents for those who don’t have time (they provide the supplies)

-visit nursing homes and assisted living residences because family can be too far away for visiting

-read to those people who can no longer read easily

-if you and/or your spouse are good at fixing things, you might do some repairs for someone in need

Having fun together doesn’t simply mean focusing on hot romance or taking cruises or going to special places. Your attitude towards each other when working on special projects builds as much fun and reward as anything else.

~ Glenda (gj)

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