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A Messy Kitchen for Shut-Ins


Tip 218

It’s All Part of the Fun

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Bake cookies together—not just a few. We’re talking about dozens and dozens and dozens and almost more than you can count, maybe a gross or two. What’s a marriage without a messy kitchen at least once in a while?

No, they aren’t for you to eat.

You’ll have fun with all the mess whether it’s only you and your spouse, but it’s even more fun if you have children to help.

After you’ve made the cookies, make up little trays, decorative tins, colorful boxes, or even paper plates full of cookies. What’s especially nice and very gratifying is to deliver the cookies to people who are shut-in and rarely have company.

If you don’t know people who are shut-in, then contact your church—they’ll definitely have a list of people who’d welcome the company and delight in something someone brings.

When doing these projects, we’ve had trays and colorful containers spread all over every inch of surface we can find in our kitchen. We make sure each tray has just the right amount of each kind of homemade cookies and candies. People do have to be careful of the items delivered to those intolerant of suagr or nuts.

You don’t know how to bake? There are plenty of packaged cookie mixes which take almost no extra ingredients. Check out the slice and bake cookies or break-apart cookies in the refrigerator section of the grocers. If you want to make “homemade” cookies, there is no excuse.

If you don’t want to do things with all the sugar, stock up on fruit for fruit baskets or trays. It’s also fun to make your own trail mix (dried fruits and nuts) and package in small cellophane bags (often found at the dollar stores), then tied with a ribbon to deliver.

It’s your choice to leave the food items with the shut-in as soon as the doorbell is answered, but it’s most rewarding if you spend a few extra minutes visiting with the people with whom you are leaving your cookies or fruit. Allow enough extra time—shut-ins will relish your company.

When working on projects together in a marriage, projects which are for the benefit of others, the work helps the bond of unity between you. The more unified you feel, the more fun you’ll be able to have–and helping others is fun. 

~ Glenda (gj)

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