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Are You Thankful?


Tip 212

Prove It!

It’s easy to think we are grateful for our mates and feel we always show it, but our thoughts can run away with us compared to reality.

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Can you name 5 things you’ve done in the past 7 days to show your spouse how important he/she is? If you’ve been too busy with all the comings and goings from the Thanksgiving holiday, then do this exercise for the next 7 days.

Don’t tell your mate. Don’t look for accolades because of what you’ve done. Know in your heart that you can name at least 5 things in the past 7 days to show your spouse how special he or she is to you.

When you are striving for fun in your marriage, you also have to be thankful for each other. It seems obvious that we would show our marriage partner how thankful we are, but we all get busy and forget. In a way it’s like taking our spouse for granted, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be thankful.

~ Glenda (gj)

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