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Mulling and Stewing


Tip 211

Always Cooking Something Up

Mulling and stewing are fine if you are making cider and soup, but they aren’t fine if you are using them to keep your thoughts on the negative worries of the world.

Your number one focus in life (besides God and your health) should be on your marriage and your family. OK, so I listed four things, but put those in order if you want. Those should be your priorities.

If you always have your thoughts on what negative things everyone is doing, I’m almost certain, you are going to create more negativity. It works that way.

Lighten up! When was the last time your worrying, fretting, stewing, and agonizing ever changed anything in your life for the better? If you feel you have to worry about something, switch that worry to prayer and put that worry in the trash bin.

Making plans and implementing them and initiating strategies to do better is not the same. Those are positive things. Every moment you spend in worry is time wasted from your life. Your mind can’t switch back and forth on worry and still have fun in your marriage. Which would be more appealing to you—worry or having fun and accepting things as they come?

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You know, as I look over this post, if I were really going to spend time in worrying about things, I would rewrite this post and take out 15 or so gerunds. I’ve never seen so many gerunds in one article in my life! (For those who don’t remember, a gerund is a verb with an “ing” and used as a noun). But, this is the night before Thanksgiving—I know, the date says it’s Saturday, but I’m writing this ahead of time, so, I’m not going to worry about the gerunds and Jack and I are going to go have some fun and play a game of Shanghai Rummy (card game).

~ Glenda (gj)

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