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Do you have established routines or schedules which are set aside for nothing but fun?

We’ve been extremely fortunate since we’ve been married that only a few times has someone had to work during the Thanksgiving holiday. For us, it has almost always been a four-day holiday. Many are not as fortunate because some jobs simply must keep going day and night, holiday or no holiday.

Many years we’ve managed to take vacation days between Christmas and New Years, too.

If we’re not traveling, we’ve always planned a myriad of games during these times: board games, cards, jig-saw puzzles, reading, hobbies–whatever we set aside to do that is fun. For the times we have traveled or if someone did work during the holidays, we made a near weekend devoted to games and such, just as if it were the holiday weekend.

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We did this before our children came into the family, after the children were born, and still continue it though the kids are now grown and live away with their own families. Year after year, everyone looked forward to this time of relaxation, of togetherness, and of simply having fun.

Can you look at your calendar and know that you have times devoted to just having fun with your spouse and with your family whether it’s during holidays or some other time of year?

What traditions do you have established for fun? You can tell us in the comment section.

~ Glenda (gj)

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