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Look at a Photo


Tip 207

Your Favorite Face

You thought today was supposed to be a quick tip to squelch someone who angers you during your holiday get-togethers. So what’s the deal about looking at a photo?

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That’s the first tip. When someone makes you angry, put a quick image in your mind of one of your favorite things—it might be your cat or dog or spouse (sorry for putting your cat, dog, and spouse on equal levels). Instead of actually looking at the person who’s trying to pull you down, or visualizing the person’s image if on the phone, force your mind to focus on something positive. You won’t be as likely to get sucked in to negative emotions then.

I’ve used the above tip many times—actually, I made up the idea years ago, so I know it works.

Another major but quick tip is to recite a Bible verse over and over when someone is making you angry.

The very best long-term way to not feel negative towards someone is to learn to pray for that individual. It can take time to do this because your heart does not want to pray for good things for someone who makes you angry. However, that’s precisely what you need to do. Don’t just pray that your heart will change about this person, but learn to pray that God will bless this person for whom, right now, you probably aren’t interested in this person being blessed.

Don’t let someone steal your enjoyment of the holidays by making you angry. Appreciate that you have your loved ones and good memories of loved ones who aren’t with you. Don’t give away your joy to someone who destroys it. Have fun and be joyous this holiday season.

Do you have techniques to share for dealing with people who try to steal your joy? We’d love to hear your suggestions. You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)

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