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‘Tis the Season for Shopping


Tip 204

Be Kind to Your Poor Spouse

This is a time of year which begins almost a couple of months of holiday parties, big dinners, outings, celebrations, and gift giving. There are so many special events going on that’s it’s hard to keep track of them all. It seems people are constantly shopping for something they are either going to or hosting. Shopping lists become scrolls.

Please, be kind to your spouse if you send him or her shopping.

We’re not talking about the cost of things.

We’re talking about the grueling time spent in combing aisles and trekking back and forth across merchant paths searching endlessly to all four corners and finally asking for help in locating capers, pie weights, turbinado sugar, and mulling spices.

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Nothing is worse for an unseasoned shopper than to have a jumbled list of what’s already in the shopping cart yet still hunting for the exact items in specified sizes and quantities which haven’t been found yet.

If you are the one who knows the store the best, all it takes is a few minutes extra to put your list in the order in which shoppers encounter those items in the store of choice. Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to make the list, but it helps save your spouse’s sanity, feet, energy, and frustration level when the list is in the order in which the store is laid out.

Look at all the advantages. Saving the shopper some time while you are getting other things ready, gives you more time to have fun as a couple and your spouse will be a whole lot chipper to be around.

~ Glenda (gj)

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