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Those Hot Showers on Cold Days


Tip 203

The Inconveniences of Winter

from Clipart.com

Don’t you just hate the cold days of winters sometimes? It’s too cold to take a shower, but of course, you force yourself for the sake of everyone around you.

Then, it seems like your water bill goes up from letting the water run so long because you don’t want to get out of that nice hot shower.

You finally do get out after your skin starts getting wrinkled and shriveled so that you look like a prune.

Then, there are those mirrors to contend with! The bathroom mirrors are so fogged over you can’t do anything.

Oh, but wait a minute. Think again. Those fogged over mirrors are perfect.

If your spouse is going to take a shower immediately after you, use those mirrors to write a steamy message (pun intended).

Don’t forget about Tip 173 from October 20.

Maybe winters aren’t so inconvenient after all.

~ Glenda (gj)

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