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Laugh at Yourselves


Tip 202

A Picture You’ll Always Remember

Do you remember when you were growing up seeing artists at state fairs and carnivals doing goofy pictures of people? That art has now become even more accessible.

These caricature artists or cartoon artists, as they are also called, are now available online.

from Clipart.com

Pick out a photo of yourselves (or do one by yourself to give your spouse) and get a caricature drawing done. They are goofy. They are funny. They can really accentuate any and all bad features you have, but they are still fun. They are meant to be crazy!

If this is for a special occasion gift, remember it takes a little bit of time to get it done so schedule early. Some of the places we found will add various hobbies or special details which are important to the people in the drawing.

You might want to use this drawing for your Christmas and holiday cards.

We haven’t had our photo done yet, so we can’t say where or who is the best to choose, so investigate for yourself. As soon as we have ours done, we’ll post it online to show.

Check out these places for ideas (we’ve not used any of them and can’t speak personally about them):

My Caricatures.com


Silly Bill’s Artistic Services

If you’re having a family get together for the holidays, consider hiring a caricature artist to come to do drawings of family members. You could also take a group photo and send it in after the holidays to get a caricature drawing done. The link below leads you to people to hire by state and in Canada:

Gig Masters The Life of the Party

We’d love to see your caricature photos.

~ Glenda (gj)

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  1. Avatar November 19th, 2010 at 12:57 pm Deleyna Says:

    What fun links you share! And what a great idea!

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