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Your Surroundings


Tip 201

It’s All Around You

You don’t have to pay a dime more for it. You don’t have to travel to get there. You can partake of it anytime day or night, weekends or weekdays. What is it?

Become engrossed in your surroundings.

Do you live around nature? Wonderful. If you don’t, that’s still wonderful.

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If you live where there are trees, learn something about those trees. Learn something about the types of leaves or trunks on the trees. Are the leaves changing colors? Do you actually know what makes the leaves turn colors (if they do change colors), and do they always change to the same colors? The reasons might surprise you for why leaves change to which colors. We know. We looked it up this past September. It’s quite fascinating and gave us several interesting conversations. It’s not the cold that makes them turn colors, either. It’s several different factors combined.

Do you have small animals in your neighborhood? We have a water fountain that runs near our back patio 24/7. It’s made it quite intriguing to see all the animals who come and drink out of it. We’ve become aware of which birds migrate and when they migrate. It’s made us aware of which birds dominate over other species of birds. We’ve seen baby birds of all varieties grow up here and “move in” with the others. We’ve watched a female grackle for almost four years. We know it’s the same one because we call her “Broken Wing.” We assumed the first year we saw her that she’d have a short, short life. She can fly, but when walking, both wings droop to the ground. We’re going on the fourth year now of seeing her—and seeing the other grackles shun her. Grackles are loud, gregarious birds, but this one stays by herself all the time except the wild Gambel Quail are fairly obliging to her. The quail chase a lot of other birds off but they don’t always chase this grackle off.

Do you have squirrels, raccoons, otters, opossums, armadillos, moles, squirrels, chipmunks. Read about and study the nature of these animals and fowl. When do they sleep and how? What do they eat? We have a lot of Road Runners here. It’s fascinating to read how little water they drink per year.

If you don’t live around any nature, study the architecture of your surroundings and find out something about it. Are the buildings made of materials found locally or are they made from things shipped in. Architecture doesn’t necessarily mean gorgeous buildings with fresco and design. When we lived in Oklahoma, we saw mostly wood frame houses, some artificial siding on houses, and a lot of brick houses. Where I live now, you see almost none of that. Here, probably more than 90% of the houses are made of stucco. Find out why certain building materials are better in certain places.

What’s the geology of your area? What do scientists say the terrain was like a million years ago where you live—they say our potion of the United States would have been under ocean waters, but we are now desert.

What about the roads in your area? Roads are made differently in various parts of the country depending on if you have more heat or more cold, if your roads are salted or have salt air damaging them.

Find out what kind of manufacturing goes on in your area. We thought boat building was the only manufacturing here until we started checking around. There are all sorts of small manufactures that you wouldn’t think of. Our town has a manufacturing (if that’s what you call it) for building false teeth!

Oh, we have one even stranger than that to which I never believed for a long time until I saw it for myself. There’s a place here that makes artificial boulders! Why is that so strange? Our town is totally rock and boulders. There are only a handful of grass lawns. We have more rock here than you could ever hope to find anywhere, yet there’s a place that builds artificial boulders.

Visit local museums. Most people aren’t interested in local museums, but they can have some interesting history for your area. Try it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back.

For fun ideas but often overlooked, check your own surrounding. Make it a quest to find out things you never knew about the area in which you live.

~ Glenda (gj)

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