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I had on my list to post a link to some cute sticky notes that I saw several months ago. I thought they’d be fun to give your spouse. However, when I looked at the link more closely today, the site had way too many inappropriate things in negative, demeaning ways. 

from Clipart.com

I was disappointed that the site suggestion didn’t turn out so I went looking for other places. I actually found one I liked a lot better and was more fun than what I’d originally found. Check it out; I think you’ll like it. It’s little colored notes to print off with fun, sort of romantic sayings at Loving Whisper.

Another site is Romance Love Notes. This site had sweet sayings in case you want to write a note but can’t think of fun, original things. Don’t feel inept if you can’t think of things to say to your marriage partner, we all get tongue-tied sometimes.

Another site that listed note ideas is Romance for Everyone.

Here’s another place called My Dear Valentine. Don’t forget. Your own love ideas should never be saved only for Valentine’s Day.

I did not spend any time looking over the sites above, but the menus seemed safe. We’re definitely not prudes, but there are some sites we just don’t like. Censorship to our tastes? Absolutely.

Have fun!

~ Glenda (gj)

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