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Do You Have a Plan?


Tip 195

You Can’t Rely on Chance

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No matter what it is you are wanting to do that benefits your marriage, rarely will anything “just happen.”

Do you ever think: You’d like to incorporate more fun but it seems so unnatural? You’d love to act more loving, but it’s completely out of character? You’d like to be silly once in a while, but how do you relax and act carefree when you have so many responsibilities? You feel too old to think of fun between you and your spouse? You never have had much fun so how can you start now? Your marriage isn’t the type to have fun?

If you think any of these things, then don’t start with magnanimous plans—start with baby steps. If you plan too big when sharing fun hasn’t been natural, then you risk huge failure. You’ll be tempted to say, “Well, we tried it once and it didn’t work.”

Do small things that will bring a smile to your spouse’s face. A few days later, do something else that you are sure will bring a smile. Little by little you’ll work up to doing a lot fun things and more often. More than likely after a while, your spouse will start reciprocating with things that make you smile.

Don’t rely on things just happening though. Make a list (written or mental) of actual things that you can and will do. If the first thing you try bombs, try something else. Remember, timing is everything, too. Just as you never want to talk about something really serious when one of you is irritated or rushed to get something done or even hungry. Do little fun things when the time seems right.

What’s that cereal commercial say— “Try it, you’ll like it.”

~ Glenda (gj)

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