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Give Compliments


Tip 191

Look For Ways to Give Compliments

We talked about compliments on July 2, but complimenting is something that people need to be reminded of if they want to live in a happy marriage.

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It would be interesting if you divided spouses into two rooms. Ask people in the first room how often they compliment or praise their spouses. I’m guessing you’d get a huge number of responses saying they compliment their spouses all the time.

Now go to the second room and ask the other half of the married team how often they “receive” compliments or praise from their spouses. I’m again guessing that this number may be quite smaller than the first room said that they give.

Swap questions on the rooms. Tally those answers.

What’s the point of this? I think we honestly believe we compliment and praise our spouses more than we actually do.

Everyone needs praise.

Start looking for things to compliment or praise your spouse on. Above all, make it sincere. If you act goofy and embarrassed every time you compliment your spouse, it takes away from its effectiveness.

Also, be aware of things that sound vaguely like a compliment from your spouse but may not be an out-and-out compliment. Accept it.

And, . . start listening to yourself. Make note mentally or on paper, how often you compliment your spouse. Why? You need to make note of it in order not to fool yourself into thinking you compliment more often than you actually do.

Of course, by all means, don’t give your spouse the tally so that it becomes a competition match–unless you are able to do it all in fun. However, you want to become couples who naturally and honestly compliment each other.

What things do you compliment your spouse about?

~ Glenda (gj)
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