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Play Charades


Tip 190

But There’s No Party. . .

Probably most people would swear that we’ve “lost all sense of faculties,” but when we are in convivial moods, we sometimes play Charades—just the two of us.


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For those who might not remember, Charades is a game in which you act out something (words, syllables, titles) to have a team of people guess the answer within a 3 minute time limit. Charades was always one of our favorite games to play with other couples.

It could be that you have to be true hams and not mind making fools of yourself in front of others to really enjoy the game. I always thought the game to act out something and make a fool of yourself was a lot easier than the game that began taking its place in popularity, Pictionary by Milton-Bradley.

So how do we play Charades? We play modified Charades for something we’re trying to explain to the other person— we still do the little cues to give hints. We may do Charades at the dinner table, while we’re involved in a project, watching TV, or whatever.

It’s just a fun way to try to communicate. Honestly, it is!

What quirky things do you and your spouse do just for fun that make no sense at all?

~ Glenda (gj)
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