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Write a Story Together


Tip 189

You Are the Main Characters



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Look at bookstores or an online store for an elegant journal with blank pages. You might consider a leather-looking journal with a strap like the old-fashioned diaries had. Many of these look expensive, but you can find small, elegant looking ones for not too much. Include in your purchase a beautiful, ball point pen to go with your journal.

Some evening when the kids are visiting friends for the whole night, prop yourselves up in bed with lots of extra pillows to make yourselves comfy. Then, write a story in your new journal—don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or if you’re not a writer!

This is not a story you’d usually think of writing or reading for that matter. This is to be a  romance story in which you both play the main characters. One person writes a paragraph or two, then the spouse continues the story by writing another couple of paragraphs.

Keep writing as long as you are interested in writing and reading what’s written—and probably giggling at what’s been written.

You can keep your stories for sharing again between the two of you, or tear the pages out and run them through a cross-cut shredder. The choice is yours. And, follow your own comfort zone—this is a story for sharing between you as a husband and wife. You can make your story lukewarm, super steamy, or too-hot-to-touch.

And, it’s obvious, all the above could also be done with a standard, spiral-bound, lined notebook and lead pencil. The fancy journal and beautiful pen simply add to the ambiance of your writing and the evening.

Who do you think would be the better story creator between the two of you? Why?

~ Glenda (gj)
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  1. Avatar November 5th, 2010 at 9:06 pm perfectperfectionist Says:

    What a lovely idea!

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