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Find a Park Bench


Tip 188

Bagels and Coffee To Go

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Early in the morning on a weekend or even before work some morning, drop by your favorite bagel shop with your vacuum-sealed container* or to-go cups. (I know. You have to get up extra early for this one.)

Then, take your bagels and drinks to a local park and find the park bench with the most dynamic view. (Not to make anyone jealous, but we live a few blocks from a beautiful lake with park benches everywhere.) However, any park bench is credible as long as it has plenty of nature surrounding it.

Relax as you share your morsels in the calmness of early morning. Breathe in all the freshness of the morning. What an indulgent way to start any morning!

Oh, don’t forget to take a towel to wipe the bench before sitting down in case the morning dew has left the bench wet. If going to work, you don’t want to have to walk in and explain why your back-side is wet.

Even if you’re not a morning person, do you ever relish the morning sun from a park bench view? If you don’t have nice parks close by, where can you go to enjoy the same environment?

*(commonly called Thermos by brand-name)

~ Glenda (gj)
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