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So, You're Not Funny?


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You Can Learn—Enough for Your Marriage

Maybe you won’t become a stand-up comic, but you can learn to add humor to your life. Why?

–Life is more fun when you can find humor in things.
–Not everything has to be treated as a downer.
–Your health will be better when you add humor to your life.
–Christians get a bad rap because too many represent only doom and gloom to get people to follow Christ–something is wrong with that picture, but I won’t go into it here.

So, if humor doesn’t come easily to you, try reading some instruction to help lighten your outlook on the world. Sometimes if you don’t treat doom and gloom with some humor, you won’t be able to forge through the crisis at all.

I have 3 books on my shelves: two are about writing humor: D* That’s Funny! Writing Humor You Can Sell by Gene Perret and another How to Write Funny edited by John B. Kachuba. Another great resource to add joy to your life is Laugh Again, Experience Outrageous Joy by Charles R. Swindoll. Did you know there were books to teach you how to add humor and laughter to your life?

Take stock of yourself and see if you need to find more humor in life. Your relationships will improve if you don’t take everything so seriously 100% of the time.

How do you and your spouse find humor in daily life? Tell us your thoughts below.

*Terry Gross, Philadelphia. “Drew Carey.” NPR Fresh Air. National Public Radio. 1998. HighBeam Research. 22 Sep. 2010

~ Glenda (gj)
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