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Spooky Stories


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Don’t Forget the Flashlights 


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 You’ll have to take some gooey snacks like gummy worms. or if that’s not your fare, just munch on some dried fruit and nuts. It’s an outing almost like you did when you were a kid at slumber parties.

Since during this time of year the evenings are usually very cool, you’ll definitely need to dress warmly and take some blankets for cuddling. If it’s snowing, look for cover under a deck awning or trees. Though you’d probably feel a bit kooky in doing so, if it’s raining—or snowing too hard, you might sit in your car–but no heater on–so that you can really snuggle. Be sure to have your hot cider with you. Of course, if your car is sitting in the garage, somehow, you sort of lose the effect.

The flashlight. The flashlight is for ambience like when you were a kid. It’s dark out and you hold the flashlight near the base of your chin as you tell each other the spookiest made-up stories you can think of. The flashlight creates those eerie shadows on your face as you tell the stories.

You probably won’t stay out long, but even for 30-45 minutes makes it worlds of fun.

Sounds a bit too childish for your sophisticated, upper echelon tastes? Hey, having fun in marriage is something just the two of you do, and you don’t have to tell everyone you were out sitting in your car telling each other spook stories—unless you want too.

Of course, your friends won’t understand, and they’ll definitely put you on a watch list for being people who are headed for institutional therapy. 

It’s all about reclaiming the kid in you to find those fun outlets in marriage. 

What kind of spooky stories do you like to tell–or have your grown out of liking spooky stories? 

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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2 Comments to

“Spooky Stories”

  1. Avatar October 29th, 2010 at 2:51 pm kathy simons Says:

    Ok…if I suggest this one, Mike will REALLY think I’m off my rocker :)

  2. Avatar October 30th, 2010 at 8:03 pm Glenda (and Jack) Says:

    Mike probably thinks we already OFF our rockers, so come join us. Rockers are for old people, don’t you think?

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