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Throw a Toga Party


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A fun and destined to be casual evening with plenty of laughs is to host a toga party for friends. It doesn’t have to just be an adult party, invite the kids, too.

Invitations can be printed on a computer or hand-written on brown, mailing paper and glued on the ends to two small dowel rods. Make them narrow enough that they will fit into padded mailers if you are mailing invitations.

Decorations can be simple white and gold streamers, glittered plastic serving utensils, and anything else that displays cheap opulence in gold and white.

If you don’t want the expense (though it’s not too expensive), to rent a couple of arches or columns from a floral shop, then set up a wall covering in a small area with fake leaves to simulate outdoor bushes. This is where you can take photos of the guests in their toga costumes.

You need plenty of pillows all over the floor for people to lounge and sit on.

The banquet table serves finger foods of cut-up fruits and would include dates, figs, different kinds of grapes, raw almonds, cheeses and maybe vegetable and cheese stuffed Phylo dough pastries. Of course, add whatever you think would be fun. 

Games can be costume judging (most authentic, most hilarious, most thrown together, most destined to not stay together); Greek Mythology trivia questions; bobbing for grapes; smashing grapes with bare feet (outside); and maybe show some Roman type movies. Gladiator is an excellent movie but a bit of a downer for a fun party, so it’s probably not a good one to show. Maybe try the 1950’s-1960 classics Ben Hur or Spartacus.

There’s a great Internet site to look at for toga ideas. It’s http://www.howtomakeatoga.info/.

I read one time that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt held a toga party for her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Don’t quote me on accuracy of that statement because I didn’t do any research to find out if it was really true.

But what if you don’t want a crowd? Have a mini version of a toga party just for the two of you some Friday or Saturday evening when your kids aren’t home.

What fun ideas can you think of for a toga party?

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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