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Nothing Wrong with Bribery


Tip 178

Rules of Bribery 

If you have a strong marriage that is already imbued with a lot of fun between you as a couple, then there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bribery once in a while. 

Bribery for something you want or are willing to give can take on a whole atmosphere of fun.      

I used to be addicted to M & M’s candies (OK, so I’m still addicted to M & M’s or anything else that’s chocolate).

Years ago we lived across the street from a convenience store. Instead of me going across the street to get some of my favored treats or just asking Jack if he’d get me some, I usually said, “Hey, what would you like in exchange for going across the street to get me some M & M’s?”  

It was always a fun game with us, but we had that kind of relationship. If you don’t have such a fun type exchange in your relationship, then a bribery element would not work. 

If it’s appropriate for you and your spouse, think of all sorts of memorable ways you can occasionally use bribery to make things fun. 

Tell us about times when you have bribed your spouse–or you’ve been bribed. Do you think bribery is OK if done right?

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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