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Tip 176    

Most of Us Aren’t Spies

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Unless your job is in international espionage like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie True Lies also starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and you are bound to a code of secrecy, share what went on during your day with each other. 

You say that it’s easy to share what happened and you do that already. But, do you share good things or just the negative? Is it the same rant day after day? It’s so easy to immediately start sounding off on all the bad things that happened throughout the day, but honestly, every day has good things, too. You may have to look a little harder and think a little deeper to find them, but there are good things to share. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your mate to be a sounding board to air your frustrations, but if that’s all you talk about in your conversations regarding your day, then, it gets a little old, very fast. 

If this describes you or your spouse, then force yourself to notice and talk about one positive thing that happened to you that day or that you saw. After you talk about something positive, then share your frustrations if you are needing a sounding board. 

However, airing your frustrations can be a lazy way to deal with problems. It’s easier to gripe about a situation than it is to take the intuitive to work to change a situation.

A huge turn-off to anyone sharing about his or her day is for the other person to act board and like it’s all been heard  before. People need to be aware that many of the stories shared will be the same or similar because activities during the day are usually the same or similar.

Don’t be a spouse who acts bored when listening to your mate share about his or her day.

How do you and your spouse share about your days so that you aren’t just complaining about what went on?

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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