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But I Don’t Know Anything about . . .  

Everyone wants someone else to be interested in what he or she is doing. This includes wanting a spouse to show at least a tiny bit of interest in a mate’s hobby.  

Don’t use the cop-out, “But, I don’t know anything about . . . ” and you fill in the blank. No one is asking you to have par excellence for your spouse’s chosen hobby.  

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Read an article or two or look up some relevant information on the Internet. If you do, you can more easily ask intelligent questions which will make your mate think your curiosity is piqued even if, for the most part, you could care less.

You may never want to pursue your mate’s hobby, but you should develop an interest simply as a loving husband or wife showing concern for what your spouse is interested in.  

If you and your spouse have different hobbies, how do you show interest in his or her hobbies?  

~ Glenda (gj)
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