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Hobbies for Everyone


Tip 171

What Do You Want to Do In Your Spare Time? 

That’s probably not a good question because very few people have any spare time. Let’s pretend that you do have spare time. Besides catching up on deprived sleep, what would you like to do if you had some spare time?  

You can’t think of anything you’d like for a hobby? Try spending time in a magazine section in a bookstore—the larger the bookstore, the better. It would be hard to think of any hobby for which there isn’t a magazine created to tout that hobby. By perusing these magazines, something may finally leap out to you that grabs your interest.  

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  Individual hobbies are good for marriages. It’s true that you may have very little time to devote to a hobby, but just thinking about your hobby while engaged in other activities like getting ready each morning or a commute to work or when mowing the lawn or shoveling snow provides immense relaxation.  Thinking about a hobby is a great de-stressor from daily life.   Both partners in a marriage still need to retain a personal identity. Having a hobby to think about helps provide that personal identity. Hobbies can also help you to be a more interesting person because your interests in life are varied. 

How important do your think it is for each of you to have hobbies though you hardly have time for everything you need to do each day? How do you feel if your spouse seems to have time for hobbies and you don’t?  

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