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Why Do Spouses React That Way?


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Robotic Disease 

It’s a sudden disease that can take over within the first month or so after the couple says “I do.”    

It may only be symptomatic in one spouse and not the other.  

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Symptoms display themselves when the affected spouse becomes consumed with the idea that the other spouse will react to everything in the manner in which the affected spouse thinks is likely.  

The affected spouse loses all consideration that both partners might be different personalities, might have grown up differently, might have been trained differently regarding matters in life. 

By insisting the spouse react in a pre-determined manner of the affected spouse’s choosing, the affected spouse is implying he or she would prefer being married to a cloned robot of self.  

There is no antidote except for the affected spouse to seek treatment by reading interpersonal communication books, seek advice from friends who are not inflicted with such a disease, and to finally admit that he or she might be wrong.  Having to admit to wrong is the hardest part of recovery.

After realizing the desire for robotic activity in the other spouse, the affected person will need to come to terms that the other spouse represents views, actions, and thoughts from a different perspective.  

It also requires that the affected spouse admit that he or she may not know all the answers to life. 

The recovery also encompasses the idea that marriage is created by two people, which in turn, creates a wider perspective on life instead of everything being approached from only one perspective.  

A huge warning: The affected spouse will more than likely never realize he or she is affected. There are no hives, boils, rashes or any such display to make a diagnosis possible. The best determiner for robotic illness is for personal analysis of the number of times anger might be an issue. Anger often manifests itself in spouses who want others to be just like themselves.  

Without diagnoses and change, the marriage is doomed not to live to its fullest potential.  

Tell us about anyone you’ve known who’s suffered from “robotic disease” (well, maybe it was actually the spouse who was suffering).  

~ Glenda (gj)
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