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You Have Nothing in Common


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So, How Do You Stay Married? 

Jack wanted to go roller skating. I’m a klutz and didn’t want that many broken bones. Jack wanted to play tennis. I loved playing tennis as long as he’d hit the ball directly to me. Jack wanted to try bowling; bowling wasn’t anything I was interested in. Jack was a hunter. I abhorred hunting and never wanted to marry a hunter. Jack liked to fish; I enjoyed fishing if he’d bait my hooks and if he’d take the fish off for me and if he’d clean the fish and I never had to see it except to cook it.  

Jack was very shy; I could talk anyone’s leg off. Jack hated anything to do with writing papers or having to know which tense of a verb to use. One of my passions in life was studying grammar and I loved diagramming sentences.  

Jack grew up on a farm; I’d been around a lot of cows, pigs, and chickens if we went into the livestock buildings at the state fair.  

Jack always wanted to live in a rural area; I longed to live in a major city, and I wanted to visit New York City during a Christmas season. 

So what brought us together and made us “click?” Those are mysteries that only God can answer. During our first few years of marriage, it seemed we had few things in common.    

So what do we now enjoy doing together? I quickly jotted off a list of things that came to mind—I was writing furiously when I reached 20 activities. I quit writing because I realized I had many more to name. So for us, as the years progressed, we developed many more activities we enjoy together than we had when we first married.

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By the way, I always encouraged Jack to go hunting because I knew it was something he grew up doing and loved. We just made the agreement that I would never see anything. The closest I came was late one night when he got me out of bed to help pick porcupine quills out of his coon dogs’ faces after the dogs got into some porcupines. We lived in an area where many farmers would request that he chase the raccoons away from their places.  

What things do you and your spouse have in common that you are passionate about doing together? 

~ Glenda (gj)
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