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Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand 

A few years ago I talked with someone who’d been married over 25 years but knew next to nothing about conditions affecting her husband’s health. The husband had a couple of chronic health conditions, as well as strong genetic links to very devastating illnesses.    

It seems as if everyone would automatically do this, but If your husband or wife has any kind of health condition (or has a genetic predisposition for certain health conditions), learn as much as you can so that you can help.  

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Both conditions required stringent eating and avoidance of certain foods, yet the wife hardly knew anything of what aggravated or benefited the conditions.   

Help doesn’t mean nagging either. Help means trying to make the best choices so that you are not contributing to the problem.  

Most things usually work better if you make some sort of game of it; working within parameters of some diseases doesn’t mandate that it has to be a drudgery.   

Learning all you can shows compassion, concern, and love. You should want to be involved in things that affect your spouse.  

You won’t have any fun in marriage if you alienate yourself from your spouse’s needs. 

Do you think it’s your responsibility to learn about health conditions affecting your spouse or do you think it’s the spouse’s sole responsibility? 

~ Glenda (gj)
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