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Train Your Pets


Tip 165


What Does Pet Training Have to Do with Marriage? 

For owners of unruly pets, they don’t have to ask this question. Having pets live with you is likened to living with children.  They provide love, value to your life, and a world of fun. 

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Just as parents need to agree on child rearing, “parents” need to agree on pet rules. If one “parent” allows the cat on the kitchen counter and table and the other detests it, you can see trouble coming immediately. If one allows the dog to sleep (shed) all over the sofa and bedspread and the other “parent” hates all the hair on clothing, you again can see trouble coming. 

Pets are a huge investment in time, finances, work, and aggravation. Pets reap boundless rewards in joy, sharing, unconditional love, and patience for your foibles. They don’t care if you are rich, poor, live in a grand house or live in an alley. They’ll love you just the same. They don’t care if you are high-class or low-class.  

If you are constantly butting heads regarding your house pet rules, you should also take into consideration your inherent personality type.  If as a couple you are either Melancholy married to Sanguine or Choleric married to Phlegmatic, you might easily see differences in the amount of territory and leniency your pet has.   

So don’t let the pet rules and allowances take joy and fun out of your marriage. Let pets be the enhancement and fun that they truly can be.      

Do you have an unruly pet that your spouse spoils? What does your pet do that you don’t like?

~ Glenda (gj)
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