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Trade Weekend Activities


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Your Turn, My Turn  

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If you can’t work out what takes place on free weekends, then trade weekends back and forth. One weekend do what one wants to do/next trade off.

You both need to be able to decide what activities are done on weekends—or the time off you call your weekends. Trouble in a marriage easily starts if one spouse’s activities monopolize most of the weekend activities. 

Sometimes activities require many weekends in a row or most weekends for several months: craft classes, children’s activities, ball teams, or community, club, church, or organizational activities. If this happens, you do need to look at the calendar and mark off weekends where the other spouse determines how the weekend is used.   

If you put a calendar in front of the two of you and write in scheduled weekend activity, sometimes that visualization makes things more obvious instead of just talking about it.

How do you handle sharing the weekends and schedules? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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