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Body Language


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You May Be Saying Things You Didn’t Mean to Say 


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When conversing with your spouse, watch your body language. You may be giving signals of defiance, irritation, or distrust and not realize it. 

If you feel like you are getting signals from your spouse which imply you are acting in a particular way yet don’t think you are, consider checking some books out of the library on body language. It may or may not be that you are giving vibes you don’t mean to give. 

Though we can learn to control body language to a tiny degree, on the whole our body language gives away our true feelings because it happens spontaneously. We have to consciously work to hide our body language. 

Some professional speakers may be as nervous to speak as any one else, yet the speaker appears totally calm. Part of the reason for the calmness is learning to hide the body language signals that he or she is nervous. 

In everyday communication, people aren’t always on cue to hide their body language so it can be much more apparent in how we feel internally than what we are really wanting anyone to know. 

When you learn to control subconscious outward signs of your emotions, you help control your internal feelings. 

What body language do you give off that you’d like to change? You can comment below.  

~ Glenda (gj)  

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